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Nanga Balang (Situs Sejarah Neolitikum), Kapuas Hulu Indonesia

Location : Dusun Nanga Balang, Desa Beringin Jaya, Kecamatan Putussibau Selatan, Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. After almost two hours of the boat ride we took the opportunity to stop by at Nanga Balang,...
adventure, Borneo, Ethnic, Iban, indigenous, Kapit, longhouse, malaysia, native, nature, outdoors, longest Rajang river, Sarawak, sea dayak, Sibu, Song, town

CNY eve in Kapit, 2014

// Location : Kapit, Sarawak, Malaysia. The town of Kapit is on the south bank of the Rajang River. The district comprises 15,595.6 square kilometers. Although accessible only by boat (slightly more than 2 hours from...
Mid-autumn Festival, authentic, traditional, backpackers, destination, Carpenter Street, Borneo, chinese, culture, event, tourist attraction, travel guide, 华人传统文化, 古晉亞答街, 砂拉越婆羅洲,

Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival 古晉中秋節

Location : Carpenter Street, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. An annual cross culture event not to miss when you are Kuching. The 17th Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival was organised by The Federation of Kuching Division Community Associations...
justice place, old prison, 沙捞越, 古晋, history,

Remnants of the old Kuching Prison

// Location : Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Have you guys ever been to this prison when it was still intact? And bold enough to tell us the story of what life was like in there. I...
Borneo, chalets, malaysia, Mardiah Resort, Old airport, Pasar Malam, Pasar Utama, tourist guide, town, wet market

Bintulu Town & Mardiah Resort, Sarawak Malaysia

// Location : Bintulu Town & Mardiah Resort, Bintulu Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Put up 2 nights at Mardiah Resort Bintulu while doing Tokuyama Samalaju Industrial Park visit. These photos were taken in and around Bintulu...
picnic spot, nature, outdoor, indigenous, Sapit River, Highlands, Kuching, Padawan, Malaysia, Community Service, native, tribe, Non Profit Organization, 沙捞越, volunteer,

Project Rural Mini Library-Part6 Picnic Lunch @ Sungai Sapit

// Location : Kampung Sapit, Padawan District, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. It was their final day in Padawan highland and to make up for the disappointment at Gono Cascade, Ayun because of the rain, we...
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