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It is amazing indeed how fast 8 years have passed when we first started this website with our designer Mr Cyril Dason then and still is. Thank you Cyril for being with us through thick and thin and most of all for giving this site a fresh and new look. It’s awesome.

For those who have been with us from day one would have noticed that we started off exploring and writing about waterfalls in Sarawak and eventually Kalimantan.

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Our interests grew as we ventured farther into different directions of Borneo covering the vast diversity of cultures of Sarawak, Sabah and especially those of Kalimantan.

Our writing bring us to many cultural, art and sports events, islands, resorts, ‘keratons’, mosques, churches, temples, remote villages and national parks in and around Borneo. NGOs approach us to help coordinate medical services and setting up of mini libraries in remote villages.

Where there are potentials for tourism we teach the villagers how to set up homestays and create activities. We help them break the ice by bringing locals as well as foreign tourists.

Usually we have to be hands on in the initial stage in guiding them to make sure they did things right. We are proud to see some of the latest tourism products are a result of our efforts.

For your information, we are a husband and wife Sarawakian team and occasionally have the privilege of the service of our close friend in Mr Too Teck Hui, a photographer, for some of our travels.

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Our undying passion for sharing our Borneo experiences with the rest of the world have kept us going and we look forward to a couple more exciting years to cover every nook and corner of Borneo so we continue to share its secrets and beauties.

For those who need a more personal advice from us in order to have a customized Trans Borneo package we do have the knowledge, contacts and network to serve you.

Our latest feature provides the ‘Consultation’ button and for a nominal fee we can design a package to save you time and money so you may see more for less. For any question and consultation pertaining to Borneo do feel free to contact us. We have more than 2 decades of personal travel experience in Borneo.

As for those of you who have been frequenting our website as well as our Facebook Page, YouTube and benefiting from our posts, we welcome any monetary donation to sustain an ever spiraling cost in our travels as we are a private entity and not funded by any governmental agencies.

We pay from our own pockets in order to get news and info to you online. Your kind donation no matter how small will help us in continuing our efforts. Kindly click the ‘Donate’ button on no obligations.

Terima kasih, as we say in Borneo.

Sim & Mei Er