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rumah lanting, floating house, authentic, traditional, backackers, Borneo, Indonesia, West Kalimantan, Sungai Melawi, Tourism, travel guide, Cross Border, 婆罗洲水上之家, 印尼西加里曼丹, 彬路默拉维栏登

Travel From Sintang To Nanga Pinoh Kalimantan Barat Indonesia

Location : Kecamatan Nanga Pinoh, Kabupaten Melawi, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Although Nanga Pinoh was not in our Gawai loop, we made it our next stop...
authentic, tribal village, indigenous, destination, Indonesia, Kalimantan Barat, Dusun Rentap Selatan, native, tribe, Obyek wisata, Tourism, Travel guide, Trans Borneo, 婆罗洲传统长屋, 印尼西加里曼丹, 新党旅游景点

Rumah Betang (Longhouse) Ensaid Panjang Kalimantan Barat Indonesia

Location : Dusun Rentap Selatan, Desa Ensaid Panjang, Kecamatan Kelam Permai, Kabupaten Sintang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Rumah Betang Ensaid Panjang is approximately 60km from Kota...
Kilang proses Ubur Ubur, Processing Factory, exotic delicacy, nature, wildlife, Borneo, Malaysia, malay fishing village, homestay, Kampung Melayu, Tourism, tourist attraction, Taman Negara, 沙捞越婆罗洲, 水母

Stingless Jellyfish Processing Factory in Maludam Sarawak

// Location : Kampung Maludam, Betong Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. It was a good thing our host had a motorbike at our disposal. As there was...
adventure, authentic, Bidayuh tribe, Speedboat ride, culture, Desa Pala Pasang, Entikong, fresh water fishing, indigenous, native, nature, outdoor, Sanggau, Sungai Sekayam River, tribe, tribal village, transborder,

Dusun (Village) Pala Pasang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

// Location : Dusun Pala Pasang, Desa Pala Pasang, Kecamatan Entikong, Kabupaten Sanggau, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. If you have ever been up to the Borneo...
Hidayatur Rahman, masjid, mosque, backpackers, destination, Borneo, Pulau, Island, Kota, Obyek wisata, Tourist attraction, travel guide, transborder, 北加里曼丹, 旅游景点

Nunukan Town, North Kalimantan Indonesia Travel

// Location : Kota Nunukan, Kalimantan Utara, Indonesia. We left the seaweed village of Tanjung Harapan very satisfied with what we saw and continued our...


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