Location : Kampung Kiding, Padawan District, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia.

This was a joint trip of some (if not too few) of Kuching tour guides led by Danney Tan and Miri Hashers led by Chua Limbang, the black belt of adventure in Northern Sarawak who is himself a tour operator. While the Kuching team opted for just the Tanju Fall, Chua & gang trekked all the way to Kampung Semban for another extra night. I heard durian feasting took all the limelight out of the copper ring ladies! As for Danney I heard that all his pants became oversized after the punishing trek to Tanju Fall. My sincere apologies to the 2 groups for not being able to accompany them all the way to their destinations the following day as I had to run over to Kampung Sapit to guide the Kuching Hashers to Kampung Gun. I hope the 2 teams had fun on the second leg.

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