Knee/Thigh Injury


This video specifically emphasizes what a particular sport can bring out the worst in us, ‘hidden injuries’ in a specific muscle group effected by that particular sport.

A lot of clients come in complaining that a certain sport they have taken up recently has caused them to be injured!. Of course that isn’t true. On the contrary, they should be thankful for it as the new exercise burns the hidden toxins in the related muscle group causing an inflammation and sends the brain an ‘injury’ or pain signal. That is the language of the body and a blessing in disguise.

Anyone striving towards new heights of health must learn to accept this as a transitional phase they will inevitably have to go through, like it or not. Hence, cross training is important as different disciplines bring out this awareness in different parts of your body which otherwise these toxins lay hidden waiting like a time bomb. Delayed treatment usually ends in more serious and sometimes irreversible condition.

So be wise, do not give excuses to exercises, burn the muscles and the toxins away, seek early treatment and stay healthy. (Note- this client in the video recently took up outdoor cycling as an alternative sports besides the years of kayaking)


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