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Pontianak New Bus Terminal at Sungai Ambawang

// Location : Kecamatan Sungai Ambawang, Kabupaten Kubu Raya, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Terminal Antar Lintas Batas Negara (ALBN) at Sungai Ambawang, Pontianak not only serve interstate bus (Pontianak-Kuching), also serve the bus to Sintang, Sanggau,...
public awareness talk, educational talk, Borneo, Malaysia, conservation, ecotourism, endangered animals, insects, research, expedition, nature, rainforest, useful information, wildlife sanctuary

Talk on Sungai Ingei by Dr Joseph Charles

// Location : Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. URL : http://ingeiexpedition.blogspot.my/   Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sungaiingei.faunalexpedition // To see more photos, please click our FACEBOOK PAGE
Balui river, Belaga village, dayak, indigenous, Kayan, Kenyah, longhouse, native, rainforest, Rajang river, Sungai Asap, Uma Daro Longhouse, vwater energy,

Bakun Hydroelectric Dam, Sarawak

// Location : Sarawak, Malaysia The Bakun Dam is an embankment dam located in Sarawak, Malaysia, on the Balui River, a tributary or source of the Rajang River and some sixty kilometres west of Belaga....
Darul Hana pedestrian bridge, jembatan, event, fireworks, Waterfront, Borneo, Malaysia, Obyek wisata, tourist attraction, travel guide, 古晋, 沙捞越, 婆罗州, 步行桥

Opening of the Darul Hana Bridge, Kuching Sarawak

Location : Kuching Waterfront, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. For the sake of those who could not make it to the Kuching Waterfront and especially to those living outside Kuching this video clip of the opening...
Bear claw, Bornean Orangutan, Borneo, dugong rib, Helmeted hornbills, Hunter, hunting, Illegal artifacts, Import, Kalimantan, langur skull, marine mammal, Operation Pongo, Portland, skulls, smuggling, United States, wild boar,

When you see profits, do not forget what is right and wrong…

// Just last week we heard of a very sad case of 2 Sarawak online businessmen being charged in US for smuggling of protected animal parts. Lured by their buyer (under duress, of course)...
Sacred Heart of Jesus, cathedral, catholic church, katolik, backpackers, destination, Borneo, Kalimantan Barat, Obyek wisata, Pariwisata, tourist attraction, travel guide, crossborder, 印尼西加里曼丹, 旅游景点

Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral, Sanggau, West Kalimantan

Location : Kota Sanggau, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Don’t we all like surprises when we visit a place for the first time? We found one right in the middle of a town called Sanggau in Kalimantan...
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