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Borneo, Documentary, filming, frog, jungle, mangrove forest, nature, Nepenthes, proboscis monkey, Southeast Asia, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, wild plants,

National Geographic Documentary Filming In Brunei Ends

// Location : Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei By Julius Hong Friday, May 6, 2016 TWO filmmakers for a National Geographic documentary on Southeast Asian Wildlife finished shooting in Brunei yesterday. Paul Reddish, a series producer from Free Spirit...
Biawak-Aruk Border Post, Borneo, crossborder, culture, dayak, indigenous, malaysia, Obyek wisata, Riam Berasap waterfall, Sajingan Besar, sambas, Sarawak, Tourism, tourist attraction, traditional, transborder, travel guide, tribe,

Festival Wonderful Indonesia – Sajingan Besar Aruk 17-18 Sept 2016

// Location :  Lapangan Terminal Sajingan Besar, Kabupaten Sambas, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Another weekend another Wonderful Indonesia event on 17-18 Sept. Here's another chance to drive your car through the Biawak/Aruk border post hassle free...
Dayak Iban, Fort James, Heritage museum, Muzium, Lupar River, Malaysia, native, Pesta Benak, Rajah Charles Brooke, Rentap, Simanggang, Sungai Batang Lupar, Tidal Bore, tribe, White Rajah,

Fort Alice, Sri Aman (Simanggang) Sarawak

// Location : Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia. Fort Alice, built in 1864, is the oldest heritage building in Sri Aman, constructed following the victory of Rajah Charles Brooke, the second Rajah of Sarawak, over Rentap,...
Jabatan Laut Wilayah Sarawak, Marina Kuching, Sailing Boat, Sarawak Marine Department,

A yacht called ‘Honey Bee’

// Location : Jabatan Laut Wilayah Sarawak, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Have you ever looked at a yacht from a distance and wondered what it was like on the inside? Or what life was like...
blooming, Cherry Blossoms, flora, Golden Trumpet Tree, nature, Sakura, Tabebuia chrysotricha, Tabebuia pallida, Tabebuia pentaphylla, Tabebuia rosea, Tissue paper tree, Yellow Pui, 伊蓓樹, 紅黃花風鈴木, 金风铃, 黃鐘木, Malaysia, photograph,

“Spring comes late” Kuching, Sarawak

// Location : Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The last couple of days witnessed Kuching at its most colourful state ever seen. FB photographers had a field day. Council street sweepers worked extra hard. Like a stroke of...
nature, Danum Valley, Meranti, 沙巴, Shorea, tourist attraction, tourism, world, Malaysia,

World’s tallest tropical tree discovered, along with nearly 50 other record-breakers

// Breaking news!!! A few months ago, it was announced that there was a new record for the world’s tallest tropical tree: a Yellow Meranti (Shorea faguetiana) found in Sabah, that stands some 89.5 metres...
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