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Fire Soccer, Lomba Sepak Sawut Apui, bola api, Festival Budaya, Isen Mulang, indigneous, 中加里曼丹, Kalteng, Palangkaraya, carnival, event, native, Obyek wisata, traditional games, sports, tourist attraction,

Isen Mulang Carnival 2016 Part 7 : Fire Soccer

// Location : Museum Balanga, Kota Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia. When Agus my friend/host from Palangka Raya told me there was going to be a fire soccer match I was not quite sure I heard...
authentic, Bidayuh, Borneo, culture, Ethnic, event, Gawai Sawa, indigenous, Kuching, land dayak, longhouse, malaysia, native, outdoors, paddy harvest festival, ritual, Sarawak, thanksgiving, traditional, tribal, tribe, blowpipe, sumpit

Redeem Gawai, Kampung Apar Bau

// Location : Redeems Centre, Kampung Apar, Singai, Bau, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Seems to be the only government recognised Bidayuh Gawai celebration although it may not represent the whole spectrum of the Bidayuh community. We...
arts, Borneo, crafts exhibition, culture, dayak, fashion show, film screenings, native, photography, 沙捞越, Tourism, tourist attraction, tribal, tribe, travel guide,

Rainforest Fringe Festival, Kuching Sarawak

// Location : Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Rainforest Fringe Festival happens right in the bustling capital city of Kuching with a 10 days series of events starting on 7th - 16th July 2017.  It aims to...
Perbatasan Aruk, Border crossing, Borneo, CIQs, event, Immigration checkpoint, West Kalimantan, PLBN, Sajingan Besar, Sambas, Tourism, travel guide, Trans Border, 跨境婆罗洲, 印尼西加里曼丹

Festival Cross Border Aruk Sajingan, Wonderful Indonesia

Location : Perbatasan Aruk, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Following the success of the previous Cross Border Festival in Kalimantan, this year there will be 8 attractive live music and art performances held in 4 Cross Border...
authentic village, Dusun Sujah, Dayak Bakati, bengkayang, indigenous, Nyabank'ng, nyobeng, Obyek wisata, paddy harvest festival, native, Seluas, spiritual, traditional, trekking, tribal, tribe, west kalimantan Barat, Indonesia event,

Nyobeng Dusun Sujah Seluas Kalimantan Barat Indonesia

// Location : Dusun Sujah, Desa Sahan, Kecamatan Seluas, Kabupaten Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. This was our first experience of ‘nyobeng’ or skull bathing ceremony with the Bakati or sub tribe of the Bidayuh Dayak....
handicrafts exhibition, Rattan Basketry, souvenir, native, Penan, dayak, Borneo, Kuching Waterfront, tourist attraction, traditional, travel guide, tribal, tribe, 古晋砂拉越, 原住民手工艺品展览,

Sarawak Craft Festival Event, Kuching Malaysia Kraftangan

Location : Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak, Malaysia. The Sarawak Craft Festival & Food Festival is back, in conjunction with International Dragon Boat Race plus the annual Sarawak Regatta. Sarawak Craft Festival ...
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