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Farmers, Livestock Breeders and Fishermen Day 2015

// Location : Kota Samarahan, Samarahan Division, Sarawak, Malaysia The national-level Farmers, Livestock Breeders and Fishermen Day 2015 celebration in Kota Samarahan from Nov 27 to Dec 3 is set to the largest exhibition of...
authentic, Bidayuh, Borneo, culture, dayak, Entikong, gawai, indigenous, Kalimantan Barat, Kampung Sadir, Mangkau, native, paddy harvest festival, Pala Pasang, Sanggau, Sarawak, Sekayam River, Suruh Tembawang, tribe, tribal, village

Nyarok Day 1 : Suruh Engkadok & Sadir Village 2014

// Location : Dusun Suruh Engkadok, Desa Pala Pasang, Kecamatan Entikong, Kabupaten Sanggau, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. It's Gawai time again and another visit by Kampung Sadir's villagers (1 truckload +3 cars) to their Indonesian brothers...
Bidayuh, Borneo, Christian, dayak, Ethnic, Dusun Gun Tembawang, homestay, indigenous, Kuching, malaysia, outdoors, events, Padawan, Kiding, football match, Semban, soccer,

St Christopher Church Day in Kampung Sapit, Sarawak

// Location : Kampung Sapit, Padawan District, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Another successfully organised annual event for Kampung Sapit. A very busy and noisy day at the church. Seems like this event is getting more...
Pesta Nukenen, elongated earlobes, beads, authentic, indigenous, Ethnic, orang ulu, tribe, Kelabit Highlands, Malaysia, travel guide, Borneo, 探索婆罗洲游踪, 砂拉越原住民达雅, 加拉毕族传统文化,

Pesta Nukenen 2019: Part 13 Beautiful Kelabits Ladies & Their Beads

Location : Bario, Miri Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Bario is a community of 13 to 16 villages located on the Kelabit Highlands in Miri Division, Sarawak, Malaysia, lying at an altitude of 1000 m (3280 ft) above sea level. It is the main settlement...
crossborder, culture, dayak, Ethnic, event, indigenous, Malaysia, native, Obyek wisata, Sarawak, Tourism, tourist attraction, traditional, transborder, travel guide, tribal, tribe,

Festival Wonderful Indonesia – Entikong 27-28 Aug 2016

// Location : Lapangan Patoka, Kecamatan Entikong, Kabupaten Sanggau, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In line with Kalimantan's push for greater transborder tourism this event will be held at the border town of Entikong less than 2...
adventure, hiking, Kuching, Malaysia, nature, outdoors, public awareness talk, rainforest, Centre, trekking, 婆罗洲, 蜘蛛, 沙捞越, useful information,

Jumping Spiders of Borneo

// Location : Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Thanks to Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for bringing 2 experts from Canada Dr Wayne Maddison & Edyta Piascik to give a talk of their research on...
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