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Sematan Festival Kuching Sarawak

// Location : Sematan, Lundu District, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. This is a community-based event on traditional sports, food and arts, held at this seaside bazaar of Sematan. It's getting bigger and better. This...
authentic, cock fighting, Borneo culture, Ethnic, dayak gawai, homestay, indigenous, Iban longhouse, Malaysia, native, orang asli, rice harvest festival, rumah panjang, Sarawak, Sri Aman, tribal, tribe, village,

Gawai at Sebangkoi, Ulu Undop, Sri Aman, Sarawak

// Location : Sebangkoi Longhouse, Ulu Undop, Sri Aman Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. The drive from Sebujok was less than 15 minutes over very mountainous terrain with scenic views.  This was where we witnessed for the...
Nasalis Lavartus, Bekantan, Monyet Belanda, nature, rainforest, conservation, morphology, educational talk, Kuching, Malaysia, wildlife, primate, Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, 婆罗洲, 长鼻猴

Proboscis Monkey in Sarawak

// Location : Telang Usan Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. A public awareness talk by Oswald Braken Tisen Proboscis monkey (Nasalis Lavartus) was first described in 1784 by Van Wumb (Napier & Napier, 1967).  This primate is...
adventure, hiking, Kuching, Malaysia, nature, outdoors, public awareness talk, rainforest, Centre, trekking, 婆罗洲, 蜘蛛, 沙捞越, useful information,

Jumping Spiders of Borneo

// Location : Sarawak Biodiversity Centre, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Thanks to Sarawak Biodiversity Centre for bringing 2 experts from Canada Dr Wayne Maddison & Edyta Piascik to give a talk of their research on...
Nyobeng, Borneo, Culture, Traditional, Bidayuh, Gawai, Land Dayak, Kalimantan Barat, Sarawak, Sebujit, ritual, kuching, native, malaysia, indonesia, Bengkayang, village, baruk, gumbang, padang pan

Nyobeng Sebujit, Borneo 2012

// Location : Dusun Sebujit, Desa Hli Buei, Kecamatan Siding, Kabupaten Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Welcoming Gumbang Delegates Official Opening Thanks to Desmond Kabar again our year old dream came true when he got us invited through...
Borneo, challenge, competition, event, Kuching, Malaysia, Muay Thai, outdoors, Sarawak, combat Sports, Amateur, profssional fight, fighter, Youth Carnival,

Youth Friendly Carnival Sarawak

// Location : Youth & Sports Complex, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Among the activities held were cycling fun ride, dialogue session, scouts jamboree, busking and stompers, aerobic competition, futsal, children colouring contest, muay thai and creative...
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