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Bee, Biology Studies, Fruit Fly, Peninsular, Pollinator, Wild Orchid, 传粉者, 授粉, 果蝇, 生物学研究, 腐肉蝇, 蜜蜂, 野生兰花, 马来西亚

Sex life of an orchid

// Location :  Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. A talk organised by Sarawak Biodiversity Centre. Speaker Mr Ong Poh Teck. Although a very humble Mr Ong who reminded us he was an amateur but the stuff he...
banana harvester, bee comb detector, Composite Peat Soil, essential oil, Fly Ash, Gas Leakage Sensor, Green Concrete, hibiscus tea, Invention, Kota Samarahan, oil palm harvester, pineapple harvester, sago fiber clay, sago powder, skin care products, UITM, University

Innovation And Creativity Week @ UiTM 2013

// Location : UITM, Kota Samarahan, Samarahan Division, Sarawak, Malaysia An invitation from UiTM to be one of the judges for their invention/creativity competition. There were some with extremely good potential and should be seriously...
authentic, Bidayuh, Borneo, culture, dayak, Entikong, gawai, indigenous, Kalimantan Barat, Kampung Sadir, Mangkau, native, paddy harvest festival, Pala Pasang, Sanggau, Sarawak, Sekayam River, Suruh Tembawang, tribe, tribal, village

Nyarok Day 2&3 : Suruh Engkadok & Sadir Village 2014

// Location : Dusun Suruh Engkadok, Desa Pala Pasang, Kecamatan Entikong, Kabupaten Sanggau, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Early on the morning of the second day, Stephen our host's son gave us a guided tour of the...
crossborder, culture, dayak, Ethnic, event, indigenous, Malaysia, native, Obyek wisata, Sarawak, Tourism, tourist attraction, traditional, transborder, travel guide, tribal, tribe,

Festival Wonderful Indonesia – Entikong 27-28 Aug 2016

// Location : Lapangan Patoka, Kecamatan Entikong, Kabupaten Sanggau, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In line with Kalimantan's push for greater transborder tourism this event will be held at the border town of Entikong less than 2...
Iban Trackers, Sarawak Rangers, dayak, native, kuching, sarawak, malaysia, borneo, orang asli, headhunter, event, memorial, heroes

Operasi Mai Pulai, Kuching

// The remains of 21 Iban trackers who served the British gallantly during the colonial era and Confrontation finally arrived in Kuching. Family members of some 21 brave Iban Trackers and Sarawak Rangers, can...
Petronas Le Tour De Langkawi, Cyclist, bicycle, championship, competition, Borneo, Tourism, tourist attraction, travel guide, 探索婆罗洲, 古晋砂拉越, 马来西亚自行车比赛

Petronas Le Tour De Langkawi in Kuching

Location : Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. https://youtu.be/hCQThWKzbX8 Kuching hosting the opening leg of the 25th Le Tour De Langkawi cycling race. First ever! Le Tour De Langkawi LTDL 2020, slated to run from 7-14 February, celebrates its...
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