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Knee/Thigh Injury

This video specifically emphasizes what a particular sport can bring out the worst in us, 'hidden injuries' in a specific muscle group effected by that particular sport. A lot of clients come in complaining that...

Stiff Neck

Most of my clients who come in with stiff neck complaint would tell me they slept wrongly, whatever that means! I believe it's usually too much toxins caused by dehydration and majority of sufferers...

Badminton Injury

This video is about one of the many variations of injuries caused by the game of badminton which is widely played in Asia. Hence clients like Mr Kueh here is pretty common but he...

Golf Elbow

Although this condition is more famously name after the game of golf, good badminton players who use a lot of wrist power in executing 'silent' or 'half ' smash suffer from this injury as...



Computer Usage Related Problems (CURP)

This video with the acronym CURP which means Computer Usage Related Problems highlights one of several muscular problems that can arise due to excessive use of the mouse of the computer. Although root cause maybe...
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