Performing Band : Quintet Plus playing Latin song
Venue           : Bandstand, Museum Garden Grounds
Organiser       : Kuching North City Hall
Contact         : Shareena/Samuel   
Tel             : (+60)82-446688   Fax : (+60)82-446414

It was a stroll down memory lane except the turn out was nothing compared to the huge crowd of the ’60s/70s where ‘The Royalists’ band was a big name. But last Sunday’s band ‘Quintet Plus’ was great too, especially the trombone piece. Wished the show could have been 3 hour long. Next month’s show will be on 11th Mar. Hope to see more crowd. Well as the show ended so early we decided to take a stroll to Pangung Budaya & Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre to see how families spend quality time at the park and youths sweat out in different sports. Quite a buzz.

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