Location : Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

2 straight days of food tasting with 2 different groups at Thank Food Vegetarian Restaurant.  Once again with the Chinese New Year round the corner, Chef Onn (more than 25 years in the business)  invited Mei Er and I for our honest opinion of his new dishes for the new year dinner.  I was given the privilege to invite friends for Day 1.  I must apologise to my friends Jay, Chris, Seth & Henry who could not make it due to the short notice given to me and hence to them.  Never mind guys, always another time.

Day 2 together with the press guys was special because it was the first time Chef Onn created this RM328 dish fit for a vegetarian King!  Name of this royal dish – ‘Pen Cai’ or ‘Pot Dish’ (盆菜) with 18 ingredients cooked separately in different styles and arranged in multi layers in a giant bowl.  The deeper you go the better it gets. My other chef friend Barry said it was a popular traditional dish of the Hakka dialect.  We were all bloated & impressed.  The durian puffs were awesome too.

Happy New Year to all our Chinese friends

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