Toe Injury


This is an example of a ‘silent’ injury that all of us can suffer from without realising until being massaged on (deep tissue).

It is the duty of a masseur/masseuse to be able to detect such silent problems and forewarn our clients before they become rheumatic, arthritic or gout.

Early detection and treatment can help save time, money and operation.


    • The kind of rubbish accumulated in our body when suddenly brought out can be very scary but still better be scared & be healed than ‘unscared’ & ignorant of our time bombs. Wisdom of choice now determines our happiness in our old age.

  1. I am astonished! This is amazing and it looks like a great healing method! I would like to learn from you and have a treatment from you! Soon I am going to Lumbok Antu! Hope to meet you!


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