Location : Bau District, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Covering such an event for the very first time was a lot more challenging than we had anticipated. Even though we were given some digital maps the actual physical coverage on the ground was quite confusing and most of the off road trails were not accessible to cars. On hind sight, it would have been best done with a motorcycle with the cameraman as pillion driver. A drone would come in handy as well to cover some of the beautiful karst sceneries around Bau. Judging by the faces of the participants towards the end of the race, one could tell how tough this race was. There was on and off road cycling and running and the inclusion of the climb up and into the Fairy Cave was a clever idea to expose foreign participants to one of Kuching’s best tourist attractions. Wondered how those white guys handled the heat and humidity. Respect! We look forward to seeing you again this year for the second year running on the new trails around Singai with more and better variations to push your body to the limits. Remember closing date for the registration of this event is on the 31August 2018. Register immediately at – www.sarawakchallenge.com

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