Stiff Neck


Most of my clients who come in with stiff neck complaint would tell me they slept wrongly, whatever that means! I believe it’s usually too much toxins caused by dehydration and majority of sufferers are drinkers. Not surprising as alcohol is a notorious diuretic.

Although most therapists would attack the trapezius muscle that is not the only problematic area. A thorough treatment should include shoulder, shoulder blade, chest, upper and lower arm and in extreme cases right down to the thumb or pinky.

When in extreme cases where high temperature is detected, I would usually include ‘Gua Sha’ (刮痧) or scrapping with buffalo horn so excessive heat may escape rapidly from the upper body. Treatments for stiff neck problem may vary from case to case.

What you see in this video is based on the conditions of Mr Yek and maybe quite different from another client with the same complaint.



  1. Hi, I’m Jacelyn, remember me? (uncle Richard and Ong nga’s niece)
    Anyways, can you pls tell me, what’s the music you use for this video? Thanks…


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