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All About Borneo West Kalimantan Indonesia Travel, Adventure Nature Wildlife Outdoor Exploration, Indigenous Dayak Tribe, Traditional Culture Ritual Tribal Events, Authentic Native Village Tourism,Transborder Crossborder Tourist Attractions. 深入婆罗洲西加里曼丹印尼旅游

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Sungkung Journey Day1:Transborder Trek (Gumbang-Kapot)

// Location : Dusun Kapot, Desa Siding, Kecamatan Siding, Kabupaten Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. 8 hour trek through 'drug smuggling' trail to the halfway village of Kapot on the Indonesian side of Siding district. So...
adventure, authentic, traditional, exploration, destination, Bengkayang, Indonesia, dayak bidayuh, Objek wisata, tourism, travel guide. Trans border 穿越婆罗洲达雅, 印尼西加里曼丹, 孟加映比达友部落

Dusun Akit Dayak Sungkung Kalimantan Barat Indonesia

Location : Dusun Akit, Desa Sungkung I, Kecamatan Siding, Kabupaten Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. https://youtu.be/wsb4M3DDqPo As we headed back to Dusun Entuai from Dusun Medeng we stopped by Sungkung Akit using a different route bypassing Senoleng and Batu Ampar. Luckily,...
bomohs, chinese hakka, traditional culture, dayak, Dewa Dewi, dukuns, festival, indonesia, mediums, parade, procession, shamans, spiritual, Tahun Baru Imlek, trance, 元宵节

Cap Go Meh 元宵节 Tatung Procession 2015 Singkawang Kalimantan Barat

Location : Kota Singkawang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Cap Go Meh (元宵节) in two of the Chinese dialects means ‘the 15th night’ of the lunar new year. This is the dinner where family members gather together...
Speedboat ride, adventure, nature, destination, picnic, Borneo, West Kalimantan, Kapuas Hulu, Putussibau Selatan, Tourism, tourist attraction, crossborder, 婆罗洲卡普阿斯河, 印尼西加里曼丹

Long Opea, The Cleanest River In Kapuas Hulu

Location : Kecamatan Putussibau Selatan, Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. The next morning we set out upriver with the intention to visit Nanga Bungan a Dayak Punan village sandwiched by the Kapuas and Hovongan...

Trans border trekking-Gumbang/Siding

// Location : Dusun Padang & Lundung, Desa Siding, Kecamatan Siding, Kabupaten Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. I may not be psychic but I believe trans border trekking will one day be the excitement for adventure...
Rumah Panjang, authentic village, traditional, destination, Indonesia, Batang Lupar, Kapuas Hulu, Sepandan, homestay, tribe, Tourism, tourist attraction, travel guide, transborder, 原著民长屋, 西加里曼丹,

Bukit Babi Lookout Point & Rumah Betang Panjang Kedungkang

Location : Dusun Kedungkang, Desa Sepandan, Kecamatan Batang Lupar, Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. After doing the Danau Sentarum tour by boat, we were invited by our local friend Jimmy to drive to Bukit...
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