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All About Borneo Sarawak Malaysia Travel, Adventure Nature Wildlife Outdoor Exploration, Indigenous Dayak Tribe, Traditional Culture Ritual Tribal Events, Authentic Native Village Tourism,Transborder Crossborder Tourist Attractions. 深入婆罗洲砂拉越马来西亚旅游

Taman Sahabat, Garden Park, Laksamana Cheng Ho, D’Tea Pavilion, destination, fish feeding, fountain, outdoor exercise, Sarawak, Tourism, travel guide, Borneo 探索婆罗洲游踪, 砂拉越旅游景点, 古晋马中散步公园,

Sweat It Out Spots In Kuching Part 1: Malaysia-China Friendship Park, Taman Sahabat

Location : Tabuan Heights, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. https://youtu.be/k3D_Ub_6M5U This is part 1 or our series to introduce visitors to Kuching of the various outdoor spots around the city where they can sweat it out before/after work...
African spurred tortoise, Centrochelys sulcata, Sulcata tortoise, Kura-kura, Haiwan Peliharaan Eksotik, Exotic Animal, hobby, exploration, Kho Animal Enterprise, Malaysia, Tourist attraction, 马来西亚砂拉越, 古晋宠物店嗜好, 苏卡达陆龟象龟

Pets Collection In Kuching Sarawak Part 1 : Sulcata Tortoise 苏卡达陆龟

https://youtu.be/2oN7-hWEIqM The African spurred tortoise (Centrochelys sulcata), also called the sulcata tortoise, is a species of tortoise inhabiting the southern edge of the Sahara desert in Africa. It is the third-largest species of tortoise in...
Kampung Chupak, native village, Paddy Fields, Paddy Farming, Paddy Harvesting, Sawah Padi, Penuaian Padi, exploration, Serian, Sarawak, Malaysia, objek wisata, Tourism, travel guide, Borneo

Chinese New Year 2021: Paddy Harvesting At Kampung Chupak, Serian Sarawak

Location : Kampung Chupak, Serian Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. https://youtu.be/qH0Q-jnJVP0 We finally came to the forth day and the end of our CNY holiday in Serian. We checked out from Roxy Hotel at noon and had planned...
paddy farming, sawah padi, village, Dayak Bidayuh, authentic, traditional, culture, Malaysia, Tourism, tourist attraction, travel local, Borneo, 婆罗洲游踪, 马来西亚砂拉越, 西连稻米之乡

Chinese New Year 2021: Kampung Mujat, Mentu & Mongkos, Serian Sarawak

Location : Kampung Mujat, Mentu & Mongkos, Serian Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. https://youtu.be/mSdo7kj8bNE While still mesmerized by Bunan Gega’s paddy field we took a short drive to Mujat and discover an equally mammoth field. Likewise, harvesting was...
Paddy Farming, Sawah Padi, Dayak Bidayuh, native, authentic, traditional, destination, Sarawak, Malaysia, tourist attraction, travel local, Borneo, 穿越婆罗洲游踪, 马来西亚西连, 砂拉越稻米之乡

Chinese New Year 2021: Kampung Bunan Gega, Biggest Paddy Field In Serian

Location : Kampung Bunan Gega, Serian Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. https://youtu.be/zEKjfTNMsDI Through the years of passing by this village I never noticed the rice field or even if I did I never realized how huge it was...
Kampung Gahat, Village, hill paddy, padi gunung, dayak bidayuh, native, Tebedu, Malaysia, Tourist attraction, travel guide, travel local, Trans Borneo, 穿越婆罗洲游踪, 马来西亚砂拉越, 西连比达友稻米之乡

Chinese New Year 2021: Traditional Hill Paddy Farming in Kampung Gahat

Location : Kampung Gahat, Serian Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. https://youtu.be/NaHEPPbAOEc From KLB Garden we decided to drive to Kampung Gahat a village we visited only 3 times in ten years.  Nothing much has changed except the noticeable...
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