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All About Borneo Sarawak Malaysia Travel, Adventure Nature Wildlife Outdoor Exploration, Indigenous Dayak Tribe, Traditional Culture Ritual Tribal Events, Authentic Native Village Tourism,Transborder Crossborder Tourist Attractions. 深入婆罗洲砂拉越马来西亚旅游

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Kampung Kiding – An Unpolished Gem, Borneo Heights

// Location : Kampung Kiding, Padawan, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. I must have planned and discussed many times with Lebkan from Kpg Sapit to trek to Kiding but never got to do it until eventually...
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Sarawak Blowpipe Competition (Pertandingan Menyumpit) 2014

// Location : Le' Park, Civic Centre, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Super cold reception to last weekend's blowpipe competition. Such a poor response from Kuching. Except for the competitors, officials and a handful of spectators like...
ancient, antique, Asajaya, chinese, copra, exotic fruit, farmhouse, kelapa, Kuching, malaysia, nature, outdoor, samarahan, Sambit, village, 雅沙再也,

An Ageing Coconut Farm At Sambit, Samarahan

// Location : Sambit, Asajaya District, Samarahan Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Thanks to Suzanne our friend for inviting us to visit her grandparents' coconut plantation. The copra industry which has seen better days is still on going...
bitter bean, Borneo, crystal quartz, dabai, durian, Iban longhouse, malaysia, mangosteen, Petai farm, rambutan, Sarawak, 沙捞越, Sarikei, stink bean, Sungai Marok

Julau, Sarikei, Sarawak Malaysia

// Location : Julau, Sarikei Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Our first ever visit to Julau was not exactly what we had planned or expected.  We thought that we could visit some longhouses and perhaps Fort Brooke...
authentic, Indigenous, traditional, culture, event, Bau, Kuching, Malaysia, Sarawak, native, tribal, tribe, village, Tourism, tourist attraction, travel guide, 沙捞越,

Gawai Harvest Festival 2016 – Kampung Serasot Sarawak

// Location :  Kampung Serasot, Bau, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Thanks to our ever helpful friend Reagan who tried his very best to organize our visit to Kampung Serasot near Bau for this probably last...
Borneo, amorphophallus hewittii, nature, malaysia, kuching, sarawak, kampung peninjau lama, tallest flower, trekking, stinky flower, mountain serumbu, Sir James Brooke cottage, village, land dayak, native, bidayuh, adventure, outdoor

Trekking to Sir James Brooke’s cottage, Peninjau, Sarawak

// Location : Kampung Peninjau Lama, Siniawan, Bau, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. After all the hype in the media about Sir James Brooke’s cottage (as well as Alfred Wallace’s study) the 2 hour trek to the...
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