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Nyobeng Sebujit, Paddy Harvest Festival, authentic, backpackers, culture, Bengkayang, event, Dayak Bidayuh, native, tribal, Tourism, tourist attraction, travel guide, 探索婆罗洲游踪, 西加里曼丹原住民, 印尼达雅丰收节日,

Nyobeng Sebujit 2018-Part4 Bye Bye

Location : Dusun Sebujit, Desa Hli Buei, Kecamatan Siding, Kabupaten Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. https://youtu.be/wLYBMdvpNIs Our third and final day in Sebujit marked the end of our Gawai experience and for most of the members of...
spiritual healing, shaman, dukun, ritual, authentic, budaya, Dayak Bidayuh, native, tribal, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, Travel, Cross border, Borneo

Dayak Bidayuh Shamans Of Bau Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

Location : Kampung Padang Pan, Bau District, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. https://youtu.be/031NLovUqJU We received a call one afternoon from our friend Mac who hailed from Kampung Padang Pan a Bidayuh village in the Bau district of...
Pesta Nukenen, Bario Food Cultural Festival, traditional dance, authentic, indigenous, ethnic, native, Orang Ulu, tribal, Kelabit highlands, Malaysia, Sarawak, Tourism, travel guide, Trans Borneo,

Pesta Nukenen 2019: Part 12 Kelabit Cultural Dance & Traditional Sports

Location : Bario, Miri Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Started in 2005, the Bario Food Festival (Pesta Nukenen) is a three-day event held every year which showcases the food and cultural heritage of the Kelabit highlands. Beside the culinary...
Borneo, Kalimantan, national park, map, nature, adventure, outdoor, Indonesia, taman nasional baka-bukit raya, trekking, orang utan, proboscis monkey, trekking, kayaking, Kapuas hulu, waterfall, gibbon, thermal springs, waterfall, sintang

Baka-Bukit Raya National Park

// Location : Regency of Sintang (Province of West Kalimantan), and Regency of Kotawaringin ...
Kalimantan Barat, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, agro, aloe vera, beads, Borneo, fishing, gado gado, Kapuas river, museum, outdoor, swiflet farm, theme park, sungai Kapuas,

Pontianak, West Kalimantan

// Location : Kota Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia Pontianak the capital of Kalimantan Barat may not be the most exciting city as far as tourism is concerned. However, it is an important gateway to Kalimantan's...
Authentic, Tribal, adventure, Borneo, Ethnic, Iban, indigenous, Kapit, Belian longhouse, malaysia, native, outdoors, longest Rajang river, Sarawak, sea dayak, headhunter, homestay, traditional,

Ulu Yong Longhouse Kapit, Sarawak

// Location : Kapit, Sarawak, Malaysia. Probably the only authentic longhouse left standing....strong at 100years old. All others have have been replaced by modern concrete longhouses which are as good as link houses in the city....
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