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Maratua Part 5: Suku Bajo “Kampung Bohe Silian & Bohe Bukut” Indonesia

// Location : Kecamatan Maratua, Kabupaten Berau, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia. Kampung Bohe Silian   Behind Bohe Silian village, there is a cave "Gua Sembat" (related link : http://marischkaprudence.blogspot.my/) //   Kampung Bohe Bukut / Teluk...
Hidayatur Rahman, masjid, mosque, backpackers, destination, Borneo, Pulau, Island, Kota, Obyek wisata, Tourist attraction, travel guide, transborder, 北加里曼丹, 旅游景点

Nunukan Town, North Kalimantan Indonesia Travel

// Location : Kota Nunukan, Kalimantan Utara, Indonesia. We left the seaweed village of Tanjung Harapan very satisfied with what we saw and continued our tour of the island to experience the religious diversity here....
adventure, Borneo, Dayak Iban, tribal, Betong, Sarawak, Malaysia, Culture

Matop Longhouse, Betong 24Dec’13

// Location : Matop Longhouse, Spaoh, Betong, Sarawak, Malaysia. The external features of this 70 year old longhouse may look ordinary but once you step into it you cannot help but awed by the massive...
Gawea Pinyanga Motak, indigenous, event, ritual, ceremony, native, Bau, Borneo, village, 沙捞越, Kuching, Malaysia, Tourism, traditional, tribal,

Gawea Pinyanga MOTAK, Kampung Opar Sarawak

// Location : Kampung Opar, Bau District, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. Too bad we attended the event 12hrs earlier as it was stated on the event on FB as from 09.30 to 11.30. We assumed...
authentic, Borneo, culture, homestay, indigenous, kapuas hulu, native, Obyek wisata, outdoor, Putussibau Utara, rumah panjang, Suku Dayak Tamambaloh, Tourism, tourist attraction, traditional, travel guide, tribal, Adat Budaya,

Pontianak-Kapuas Hulu Loop Part 3 : Sintang – Putussibau

// Location : Rumah Betang Bali Gundi, Desa Sibau Hulu, Kecamatan Putussibau Utara, Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Guest written by Dr Kelvin Chong. After a morning strolling around the Putussibau city center visiting the...
authentic, Bidayuh, Borneo, culture, dayak, Entikong, gawai, indigenous, Kalimantan Barat, Kampung Sadir, Mangkau, native, paddy harvest festival, Pala Pasang, Sanggau, Sarawak, Sekayam River, Suruh Tembawang, tribe, tribal, village

Nyarok Day 1 : Suruh Engkadok & Sadir Village 2014

// Location : Dusun Suruh Engkadok, Desa Pala Pasang, Kecamatan Entikong, Kabupaten Sanggau, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. It's Gawai time again and another visit by Kampung Sadir's villagers (1 truckload +3 cars) to their Indonesian brothers...
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