Location : Agro Resort Semuji, Gambang, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

As we drove out of Bukit Gambang and head towards Temerloh we passed this interesting looking resort. Decided to Uturn back and drive thru the huge property to see if we could see anything new in this agro tourism thing. Room rates were priced at RM149 & RM169 inclusive of breakfast. Perhaps this could be another lodging option for those going to Gampang Park.


The Agro Resort Semuji has a total area of 85 hectares and is located at KM 42 Kuantan – Kuala Lumpur road. The concept of vacation and recreation in fruit orchard is also enhanced by the beautiful natural surroundings. Various local fruits are available especially durians which is in season in the period of June through July. This well-known resort promises fresh air and beautiful flora and fauna with clear lakes suitable for relaxing and fishing activity.
Agro-Resort Semuji also rear ostriches and deers in its farm as an extra attraction and excitement for it’s visitors and occupants. Besides that, this resort also provides outdoor and extreme activities such as jungle trekking, kayaking and paintball.
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