Location : Rumah Tuan, Emperan Pisang, Kapit Division, Sarawak, Malaysia.

This trip was originally planned for a much ulu village upriver of one of the tributaries of the Rejang. But due to the dry season and hence low water level, it had to be cancelled. Fortunately, thanks to Dan Gain Gain and his good connection in his hunting circle, he suggested Mr Lai a Kapit local to come to the rescue. Rescue he sure did. Mr Lai generously offered 2 units of his double cab to ferry us to Rumah Tuan village about 30 minutes drive away. Business was good! Tuai Rumah Gawan’s house must be one of the most comfortable place to work from. Work continued till 10pm that evening and after a good night sleep, customers were already queuing up well before 8am the next morning.

Medical Seva

The Magic Bamboo seva

The village

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