West Kalimantan Provincial Government Anniversary, Pontianak (Jan 2015)

Commemorate the birthday of the Provincial Government of West Kalimantan with the organization of various local cultural arts attractions featured. Visitors can watch the show, traditional folk games, and entertainment open stage.

Baayun Maulid (3rd Jan 2015)

Venue : Al Mukarramah Mosque, Banua Halat Village, Tapin Regency, South Kalimantan


MARCH 2015

Cap Go Meh Festivities in Pontianak and Singkawang, West Kalimantan (5th Mar 2015)

Tumpang Nagari Keraton Ismahayana, Ngabang (27th Mar 2015)

The annual ritual by the Family Palace to the accompaniment of a prayer to God Almighty.

APRIL 2015

Gawai Kampung Paling Dalam (27th Apr 2015)

Venue : Kampung Paling Dalam, West Kalimantan

Naik Dango (Apr 2015)

The Dayak Ceremony Kanayat’n as appreciation for the success of the rice harvest. Granary or (Dango) into the limelight to get a new rice seed. This ritual ceremony featuring a variety of dance offerings, event held in Landak and Pontianak regency.

Padang village Sea Ceremony (Apr 2015)

Ceremony held for three days, “NYEMAH”, carrying offerings surrounding the Karimata island by fishing vessels. During the ceremony local residents are forbidden to go in and out of the village and prohibited from cutting trees, picking or damaging the surrounding natural habitat penalty will be applied if violated.

Sebaloh Earth Festival, Bengkayang (Apr 2015)

Is an expression of gratitude towards God (JUBATA) for successful rice harvest for the Dayak community. This celebration is enlivened with a variety of dances, competitions, folk games, and other performances.

MAY 2015

Gawai Dayak Sintang (May 2015)

Ceremony form of gratitude for good harvests. Offerings of traditional music and dance.

One Love For Singkawang (16th-17th May 2015)

Venue : Mes Daerah Singkawang
Organiser : Komunitas Kreatif Reggae Singkawang & Ikatan BMX Singkawang
Tel : (+62)898-8995895 (Bhela)

Isen Mulang Cultural Festival 2015 of Central Kalimantan (18th-24th May 2015)

Venue : Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan

In the local language, “Isen Mulang” is simply translated as “Never Retreat”, which is the motto of Palangkaraya City and a statement that illustrates the courage of its people. The festival itself is held annually to further promote the unique diverse cultures of the province and to inspire the youth and local artists to preserve and develop the arts  for further generations.
The carnival will take place on the main streets around the city, when the streets of Palangkaraya will be filled with colorful  traditional dances of the  Dayak ethnic group wearing  their fascinating traditional costumes and accessories.
As always, the main highlight of the festival will be the carnival featuring thousands of participants from 14 towns and regencies in the Central Kalimantan Province, as well as  fascinating attractions of traditional sport competitions that include the flaming soccer ball game, the “jukung” traditional boat race , melamang, besei kambe, karungut, manyipet, menetek kayu, and more.

Nyobeng Kampung Sujah (20th May 2015)

Venue : Kampung Sujah, West Kalimantan

Nyobeng Kampung Segiring (20th May 2015)

Venue : Kampung Segiring, West Kalimantan

Nyobeng Kampung Tadan (25th May 2015)

Venue : Kampung Tadan, West Kalimantan

Gawai Dayak Naik Dango (27th May-2nd Jun 2015)

Venue : Kridasana, Kota Singkawang, West Kalimantan

Nyobeng Sungkung Medeng (31st May 2015)

Venue : Dusun Sungkung Medeng, West Kalimantan

JUNE 2015

Gawai Dayak Naik Dango (27th May-2nd Jun 2015)

Venue : Kridasana, Kota Singkawang, West Kalimantan

Festival Budaya Dayak Borneo (1st-6th Jun 2015)

Venue : Lapangan – Jl. Tamanggang Tilung, Kota Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan

Erau Traditional Festival and the International Folk & Art Festival 2015 (6th-14th Jun 2015)

Venue : Tenggarong, East Kalimantan.

This special cultural fiesta will feature 30 traditional art groups from Kutai Kartanegara itself besides delegations from 17 countries, namely: Bulgaria, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia, the Philippines, Turkey, South Korea, Venezuela, and USA.

Nyobeng Sebujit (14th-16th Jun 2015)

Venue : Dusun Sebujit, Bengkayang, West Kalimantan

The annual ritual of the Dayak Bidayuh Village Sebujit, Bengkayang District. The process of washing or cleaning rituals of the human skull “mengayau” (cut off the head of an enemy) results by the ancestors. The Dayak tribe maintained and preserved Nyobeng ceremony as part of the cultural heritage of the archipelago.

Juang Mandor Graveyard (28th Jun 2015)

Paying respect for heroes who died fighting for West Kalimantan territory as part of the unity Republic of Indonesia.

Kisbo, Sintang (Jun 2015)

Music two colors festival and besato (drum, sape and fashion tattoo).

Singkawang Festival (Jun 2015)

Displaying a diverse tourism industry, including culinary Singkawang society, culture and art performances of various ethnicities, as well as photography contests.

Singkawang Band & Barongsai (Jun 2015)

Featuring male & female band groups, and Barong dance attractions with interesting costumes.

JULY 2015

Culture & Art Exhibiton of Samba Palace (15th Jul 2015)

The anniversary of Sambas Prince, “Sampan Bedar” competition is part of the event and very interesting to watch.

Mamandung (17th-19th Jul 2015)

Dayak tribes from Ulu Nusa & Sayu village, Pontiannak regency are paying tribute to their ancestors, followed by cleaning the cemetery. Guests in this event have to wear Dayak tribes traditional clothes and boarded the TAMBE shipe of Dayak tribes.

Gawai Nyapat Taon (Jul 2015)

Is where indigenous Dayak tribes from Sekadau district expressing their gratitude to God for the harvest success. Offering dance with various traditional attributes can be witnessed.


GP30+ Conference (6th-7th Aug 2015)

GP30+, a conference to commemorate and celebrate over 30 years of primate and rainforest ecology at Cabang Panti Research Station in Gunung Palung National Park.

Email : savegporangutans@gmail.com

Hari Proklamasi (Indonesian Independence Day) (17th Aug 2015)

Melawi Art & Cultural Exhibition, Nanga Pinoh (Aug 2015)

Is a series of various artistic Dayak tribes  attractions.



Singkawang Expo (17th-24th Oct 2015)

Venue : Stadion Kridasana

Tenggarong Kutai Carnival (18th Oct 2015)

Venue : Tenggarong

Pontianak October Festival (Oct 2015)

Singkawang’s 10-km / 6-mile Running Race (Oct 2015)

Traditional Cultural Dayak Kenyah Festival (Oct 2015)

Venue : Leqak Kidau




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