Location : Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
I was fascinated by my friend James (or Ah Ann) who is also my favorite chef when he invited me to visit a shrine that he and his sous chef Peter had restored after finding it abandoned by probably the company who had installed it years back when the building of the Sejingkat bridge started. Somewhere below this bridge is a popular place for prawn fishing. One fine day, James & Peter stumbled upon the rotting shrine of ‘Datuk Kong’ who is a Malay dewa. Very powerful and well respected by local mediums and those who regularly seek divine help or even fortune such as lottery numbers! To cut a long story short, that very night after the find Datuk Kong came to James in his dream and he was asked to restore the shrine. His reward was of course a lottery strike and with the winnings he has been motivated more than ever to beautify the shrine which is situated by the river bank in a very cool and shady site just 3 minutes walk from where I parked my car. Reckon someday 4D punters will be busy making their way here. As for me I did not come empty handed. I brought along some vegetarian cakes and some incense as offering only as a symbol of respect, no strings attached!


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Installation of Datuk Kong at the new shrine on the 3 Feb 2013 from 6am to 8am.

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