Location : Kampung Bobak, Singai, Bau, Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia.

This is by far the most interesting waterfall we’ve been to. Highly recommended for those who hate long tiring treks just to enjoy the energy of a waterfall. Situated at Kampung Bobak, Singai which is not far from Kuching. There are at least 6 tiers for you to choose from & some of them have nicely carved out steps by nature for you to sit on comfortably while you enjoy the water massage. But there are leeches though. Just bring along a small packet of salt to fight those damn leeches, not many but enough to scare the faint hearted ones.

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  1. Hi, i would like to get direction to this beautiful place. Do you mind stating on how i could get here? And is there an entrance fee charge or someone who i should call before hand before making the trip. Thank you. Great job with the site!

    • Hi Rachel, you did not mention if you were a local or foreigner, I wish you had so it would save my time. No entrance fee as far as I know. No one is in charge there so you do not need to call. My photos in FB are quite self explanatory on how to get there unless if you are a foreigner you’ll need someone to drive you there either by way of Matang or Batu Kawah. If you take the trouble to go thru each and every photo in the FB album, I did comment on the entrances. The kampung roads are a little complicated to explain here. You just have to stop someone along the way to ask for directions. The villagers there are very helpful. Thank you.

  2. Hi bro, this might surprise you…really belated . I am from Kuching but just get to know about this Satow waterfall. Is the area open to public, since it is inside the kampung? Pls give detail on how to reach the waterfall..is the waterfall under the management of JKKK Kampung Bobak..well maintain and fee collected from visitors.?

    Please enlighten me. Thank you.

    • Hi Beel, It is no surprise a lot of locals do not know about their own backyard and Satow fall is just one of the many. So don’t feel embarassed by that. Anyway, Satow is FOC as far as I know. Sometimes it can be a little messy when locals had their BBQ at the lower tiers. Venture higher where its a lot cleaner. As for the direction you will have to figure that out from the photos that we posted on our Facebook page. It’s too complicated to explain!

  3. Interesting place. However, I`m a little bit puzzled about the location. I`m not local btw, do you mind to give me directions from Kuching to this village? and is it open to public or do we need to contact someone?

    • It is a very difficult location to describe even to locals much worse non locals! But if you go thru all our photos in our albums you would have a better picture. I give out pointers in some of the captions or commentaries for some of the photos. I am sure they will help you a lot. Googling the name Singai will help also.

  4. Amazingly you also found the hidden paradise from the Bisingai Treasure….and i didn’t realise that arch, as I thought it was a fallen tree. That was 10years ago..and the water didn’t flow like your picture mayb due to sunny day in middle of the year.. College time and scary return trip for me…I’m not afraid of unseen imaginary or wild animal,..BUT with all sudden,coming from nowhere,just like unseen imaginary, scare me that I ran so fast to safety till I reached wider road path near village n left all friends behind n let them “kena makan” for walk slow like “amoi chi” ..Thanks to that unseen,”ugly black small disgusting..add more feature to that creature” (20 p.p)
    Yours truly- Leech Binti Pacat n the sama se-itemp dengan nya….

    p/s the only creature that scare me in any jungle n wet floor Mountain track 10years ago till today…..don’t know why,so ugly, n walking ugly in weird n aggressive.. jumping onto you n…. euuww..I really hate that creature n I don’t knw why..


    • Yes Satow waterfall is the most weather sensitive fall we have done so far. Sometimes the water volume is so great and somedays it is not even a trickle. Avoid going there during the dry season. Leech is not a big problem here compare to other trails. Tringgus is the worst!


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