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Sarawak Museum (Old Building)

Open : Daily from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission free.
Location : Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg
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The Sarawak Museum, has one of the best collections in Southeast Asia. The Sarawak Museum Old Building was built in 1891. This old building is used as the centre to exhibit collections on the natural history of Sarawak. The ground floor of the museum holds the natural history collection and specimens of Sarawak fauna. The west wing of the museum houses Shell exhibition – petroleum industries of Sarawak. The first floor displays exhibits of ethnographic artefacts such as models of longhouses of the various ethnic groups in Sarawak, musical instruments, various kinds of fish and animal traps, handicrafts, models of boats and others.

Sarawak Museum (Dewan Tun Abdul Razak)

Open : Daily from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission free.
Location :
Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg

Dewan Tun Abdul Razak, the new wing across the footbridge is another gallery of Sarawak Museum. In 1982 it was converted into a museum exhibition gallery and was officially opened in 1983. The ground floor accommodates the Museum Shoppe and a temporary exhibition hall. The first floor is housing two temporary exhibitions which displayed mostly items related to pre-historical era.In the Museum grounds there is an Aquarium, the Botanical Gardens and the Heroes’ Memorial.

Islamic Museum

Open : Daily from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission free.
Location : Jalan P. Ramlee

The Islamic Museum is located on Jalan P. Ramlee in the beautifully restored Maderasah Melayu Building (1930). It is also accessible from the rear of the Sarawak Museum’s new wing. The Islamic Museum presents a clear picture of the rich historical heritage and special culture of the Muslim community in Sarawak and throughout the Malay-Indonesian archipelago, and traces connections with the development of Islam in the rest of the World. The museum consists of 7 galleries set around a central courtyard garden, each with a different theme.

Chinese History  Museum

Open : Daily from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission free.
Location :
On the Waterfront opposite the Tua Pek Kong temple.
Tel :

The Chinese History Museum traces the history of the Chinese community in Sarawak. Most significantly it endeavours to educate the present generation to appreciate the struggles and values as encountered and instilled by the early pioneers. Visitors will acquire in-depth historical knowledge relating to the origin of each Chinese dialect group, their respective traditional skills and cultural heritage, and progress achieved throughout the years.

Textile  Museum

Open : Daily from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission free.
Location : In the Pavilion Building opposite the Main Post Office on Jalan Tun Haji Abang Openg.
Tel : (+60)82-246194

The Textile Museum, showcases Sarawak’s fascinating traditional textiles and costumes made by the ethnic community of Sarawak. The most notable of which are the Iban pua kumbu and the Malay kain songket. The exhibition flow follows the process of making a textile which starts with the raw material and through the weaving stage and ends up with the finished product. Visitors will have the opportunity to test their skills on the loom and ”touch on’ exhibits.

Tun Jugah Museum

Open : Monday to Friday from 9am – 12pm, 1pm – 4.30pm. Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
Location :
Level 4, Tun Jugah, 18, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel : (+60)82-239672   Fax : (+60)82-412185
Email :

Textile buffs interested in a more hands on look at textiles should not miss the Tun Jugah Museum. Run by the private Tun Jugah Foundation, it houses a superb collection of Iban pua kumbu textiles, both antique and modern, as well as exquisite Iban silverware and jewellery. You can also watch the weavers at work, or even learn the craft yourself (if you have a year or two to spare).

Notes : Visitors are required to make prior arrangements or appointments to visit the Museum and Gallery. Photo taking without flash are allowed only in the Weaving Gallery but not in the other galleries.

Cat  Museum

Open : Daily 9 am to 5 pm (closed public holidays). Admission free, camera fee RM 3, video fee RM 5. Petra Jaya Transport bus No 2C or 2D.
Location :
Kuching North City Council (DBKU), Petra Jaya.
Tel : (+60)82-446688

The World’s first Cat Museum, devoted to all things feline. Cat lovers will find a range of exhibits, photos, feline art and cat souvenirs.

Timber Museum

Open : Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm. Petra Jaya Bus No. 6, then 10 mins walk.
Location :
Sarawak Timber Industry Development Council building (Wisma Sumber Alam), Petra Jaya
Tel : (+60)82-443477

Anyone with an interest in forestry, traditional wood items, forest products and the development of the timber industry should head here.

MIRI 美里博物馆

Niah Archaeology Museum

Open : Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission free.

Niah Archaeology Museum is situated close to the archaeology sites of the Niah Cave, in Miri Division. This Museum exhibits the pre-historical artefacts and culture of the area. The public are also able to see the display of the way of life of the people which inhabited Niah Cave thousands of years ago.

Petroleum Museum

Open : Saturday to Thursday from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission free.

Petroleum Museum is located at Bukit Tenaga (previously known as Bukit Kanada). Being the first oil well in Sarawak, the Grand Old Lady was built in 1910. The concept of the Museum is interactive-oriented which enable visitors to interact with the advanced devices. Visitors may also enjoy the exhibitions and view the entire artefact displayed.

Sibu 诗巫博物馆

Lau King Howe Hospital Memorial Museum

Open : Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission free.
Location :
Jalan Hospital, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak
Tel : (+60)84-350080   Fax : (+60)84-350070
Email : lkhhmm@gmail.com
URL : www.lkhhmm.org

The Lau Kng Howe Hospital Memorial Museum was the principal hospital for the entire Rejang Basin until the opening of Sibu General Hospital in 1994. Named for its main benefactor, a local philanthropist, it has been converted into a museum tracing the history medical care in Sarawak.


Limbang Regional Museum

Open : Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission free.

Limbang Regional Museum was officially opened on the 27th August 1994. This museum building was an old fort which was built in 1897. This Museum displays the history and culture of the people in this region such as bamboo band, salt making, beadwork, bark cloth, brassware, basketry and much more.


Baram Regional Museum

Open : Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Admission free.

The Baram Regional Museum was officially opened in 1997. It is housed at Fort Hose, which stands on the top of the hill overlooking the Baram river. It was built in 1898. The exhibits in this Museum comprise historical and cultural artefacts belonging to the various ethnic groups living in the area. Also on display are their economic and other general activities.

KAPIT 加帛博物馆

Civic Centre Museum

Open : Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Admission free.

The Civic Centre Museum next to the Lake Garden has an interesting set of exhibits on the ethnic groups of the Rejang Basin, as well as some fine watercolours of riverside towns and villages and a relief map showing all the longhouses in the area.

Sources :

Sarawak Museum Department
Address : Sarawak Museum Department, Tun Abang Haji Openg Road, 94566 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel : (+60)82-244232   Fax : (+60)82-246680
Email : webmaster@museum.sarawak.gov.my   URL : www.museum.sarawak.gov.my

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