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  1. 2816 days ago

    I am a badminton player that after years of abuse and injuries feels the joints…

    I had to stop playing about a month ago because of golfers’ elbow problems [both arms, and I suspect that the main cause is the chinup bar exercises I used to do daily]. And because I wasn’t to go anywhere I start playing with my right knee that I’ve injured about four times- the lateral collateral [and the meniscus on the opposite side of the knee].
    So after a session of beating that lasted about 1hour for each body part [right elbow and right knee] I felt better and decided to go back to my pull/chinup exercises the very next day [while bruises were still fresh]. It hurt a bit and then I went to play badminton, two days later, and the following day too [this was last weekend]. On Monday morning I woke up with my knee swollen like I had another accident on the same spot [LCL].
    Conclusion- I think that I should wait until bruises go away before I start sports again. Can you please enlighten me?

    Also, some other questions:
    • How long before toxins show up on the skin? I used a bundle of bamboo sticks for my inner elbow for about an hour but did not get more than 2-3 darker spots, however the entire area got black and blue. I am right handed so I had a hard time to do the tapping with my left hand. There were more on my knee but mainly around blood vessels
    • How many sessions and timing? i.e. do I need to let it heal before I start again?
    • How do I know when to stop?
    Please help, I am really encouraged by what I see you do and would like to learn too [on my own skin for now ?]

    Thanks a lot!

    • 2814 days ago

      Hi Dan, at last the mail went thru. I’ll try my best to answer you as per your description, a photo would have helped a lot. Anyway, the healing crisis varies from individual to individual and even with the same individual it may vary from one injury to another. The swelling indicates there are still more toxins trapped inside your knee waiting for you to remove them. Just wait for the swelling to subside before the second treatment which may be 3 days. Normally, for men the bruising would disappear in less than a week and women from 7 to 12 days. For serious problems you may need 3 to 5 sessions of 30min/session.
      Some ‘easy toxin’ can pop up as quick as 5 seconds while stubborn ones will need more heating which means longer tapping like 5min.
      When to stop?- When you cannot get anymore toxins coming up or when there isn’t any local pain from both tapping and deep tissue massage.
      I hope I answered your questions and do let us know of your experiments and progress.

  2. 2720 days ago

    Hi Sim,

    The Magic Bamboo look interesting, I’ve few question.

    I’ve just started playing badminton for a year back, and i’ve injured my rotator cuff and forearm(not sure is it golfer’s or tennis elbow). Will this Magic Bamboo really helps? is it similar as “GUAT SA” which they use a small piece of board to sratch your skin?

    How do you differentiate a tennis elbow and golfer elbow?

    Do you know anyone that can do the magic bamboo at Peninsular Malaysia? I’m living in KL.


    • 2715 days ago

      Hi Andrew,
      What & where is rotator cuff? Can you please give me the scientific name?
      Both quasha & magic bamboo techniques serve to bring toxins from the depth of the muscles up to the skin but MB technique works better for really stubborn chronic problems because the tapping vibrates thru the muscles and induces a lot of heat causing the toxins to break free from the muscles. MB works deeper than quasha.
      Tennis elbow affects the outer side while golf elbow on the inner side. Most badminton players suffer from golf elbow but as with every case you need to be diagnosed hands on. Do not be surprised one can suffer both problems at the same time!
      I had a student from KL many years ago and the reason for the delay in my reply was trying to locate her. I finally have but she being a mother with a business apologised for not being able to find time to treat you.
      Anyway, I will be passing thru KL to Pahang for CNY & trekking adventure. I will arrive 1Feb and move on to Triang for a couple of days before the adventure. Maybe we could arrange to meet up somewhere somehow.
      Thanks for your enquiry.

  3. 2596 days ago

    Hello Master Sim,

    I am a massage therapist and energy worker. I am eager to treat my boyfriend’s injured knee from a wrestling accident with the Magic Banboo healing. His knee smashed his partners while rolling around on the mat. I see him in pain and he had been limping for one week. I sense that toxins were crystallizing in his joints to begin with, so the impact made the toxins spread to his nerves and the real pain (is all the emotional tragedy that has gone on in his life)which he never dealt with is now all coming out. Make sense? I’m an intuitive, yet, I could be inaccurate. I strongly feel that I need to tap it aggressively all around it to get energy to move it out. Yes, I should read more about it first! Can I just do it with any bamboo? And what oils do I use to support the detox and when? Can I just let my instincts guide me on where to tap? I am a detox coach by profession, so I am a very fast learner! Please teach me!


    • 2596 days ago

      Hi Donna, I think you should start off with medium strength massage around the knee before any form of tapping, just in case there is muscle tear. Do tapping only 7 days after. You should only use The Brush or Ball Stick all round the bony areas of the knee and knee cap. Avoid using The Bamboo for now & remember to be gentle. Rather than using intuition you should learn to depend on the sensitivity of your finger tips to locate the lumps of toxins. Ginger oils would be good enough.
      All the best,

  4. 2065 days ago

    I have what the doctors say “tendonitis” Can the magic bamboo technique cure this condition. I am from Bangalore India

    • 2065 days ago

      TMB is best suited for stubborn problem such as tendonitis. Where do you have this tendonitis?

  5. 2063 days ago

    I have a condition called tendonitis. Master Tiong suggested I take treatment from you. Please let me know what will be the charges and when can I come to Malaysia to take treatment.

    your shoulder pain is a very simple problem to fix
    take me 1 x 2hrs + 1 x 1 hrs session
    if you ever like to visit Australia for a holiday, you can come to visit Adelaide + treatment
    Master Sim should be able to fix your problem
    and it will save you a lot of money (both airfare + treatment )

    Master Tiong

    • 2062 days ago

      Can you please state the location of your tendonitis? I charge RM150.00 (ringgit)per hour. You may come anytime (upon my confirmation) and the duration must be minimum 7 days. If it is a serious condition you may have to stay for at least 12 days to accommodate 3 repeat treatments. Thank you for your enquiry.

      • 2061 days ago

        The location is on the left shoulder. I have a plan to come on 9 November to Kuala Lampur. Where are you located

        • 2059 days ago

          Hi Krishnan, I am sorry to say I have an event (trekking trip to village & waterfalls) from 10-11Nov. So any day after that is fine. My city is Kuching which is about 1hr45min flying time from Kuala Lumpur (KL). So you will need to take a connecting flight to my hometown should you decide not to break your journey. Alernatively you may fly in via Singapore where connecting flight is much easier because S’pore has only 1 airport which is Changi. Whereas from KL local connecting flight can be troublesome because of either different airports or different terminals. But whichever suits your convenience & budget it is your call. I can also help you look for budget lodging close to my office. Kindly let me know your schedule and length of stay once firm. TQ


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