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  1. 1887 days ago
    Trevor Sanders

    Hi Sim, Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you both. I have been having some serious trouble with my neck after a few falls last year. I have been going to rehabilitation here in Mallorca but it is not helping and now my neck muscles are very tight. It is giving me really bad migraines. Do you think you can do a one week treatment if I come back to Borneo? I am hoping I still have the endurance for this!
    Hope to hear from you soon,


    • 1887 days ago

      Hi Trevors, same to you. Sorry to hear about your falls. Just let me know the exact dates you will be coming over so we won’t be traveling or hiking up in the mountains. If you need help in arranging accommodation kindly let us know too. Or you’ll just stick to Basaga? Anyway, we’ll be looking forward to see you.

  2. 1878 days ago
    ellen sharma

    i m from india, some part of india is crazy about petai and we would like to know where we can buy large amount of petai from your country,please reple me asap

    • 1831 days ago

      Hi Ellen, we hope that those whom we passed your email address to have contacted you. We have asked around and it seems that petai is seldom grown on a scale that is large enough for export market. Mostly for small local consumption. Perhaps you should consider planting it in India!

  3. 1637 days ago
    Stella Ibrahim

    Hi, I want to send media release regarding or our upcoming event in Kuching next week. Can I get contact person for this matter? Thanks

    • 1637 days ago

      Hi Stella, what is it regarding? TQ

  4. 1364 days ago
    Sin Yeng

    Hi there,
    Just saw your nice images of Mambong Fall, Tunoh River. The place looks spectacular. How to get there? Thanks.
    Sin Yeng

    • 1361 days ago

      Hi Sin Yeng, please kindly check your mail. TQ


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