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No.  Name  Area (ha)  Division  Date of publication
1. Wind Cave Nature Reserve 6.16 ha Kuching 4 th  November,1999
2. Sama Jaya Forest Park (Stutong NR) 37.916 ha Kuching 23 rd March ,2000
3. Semenggoh Nature Reserve 653 ha Kuching 20 th April  2000
4. Bukit Hitam Nature Reserve 147 ha Limbang 22 nd June 2000
5. Bukit Sembiling Nature Reserve 101 ha Limbang 22 nd June,2000
6. Bukit Lima Nature Reserve 219.22 ha Sibu 14th April 2012
7. Fairy Cave Nature Reserve 56 ha Kuching 23rd May 2013
8. Pulau Tun Ahmad Zaidi Nature Reserve 547 ha Mukah, Sibu 4th July 2013
9. Piasau Nature Reserve 88.5 ha Miri 21st June 2014
10. Tun Ahmad Zaidi Nature Reserve 45.6 ha Sibu 27th November 2014
   TOTAL  1,901.40 ha    

 Source : Sarawak Forestry Corporation (www.sarawakforestry.com)


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