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No Name Area (ha) Division Date of Gazettement

Bako NP

2,727 ha


4th May 1957


Gunung Gading NP

4,196 ha


3rd May 1988


Kubah NP

2,230 ha


11 th May 1989


Tanjung Datu NP

1,379 ha


19 th May  1994


Talang Satang NP

0 ha(19,414 – water bodies)


4 th November 1999


Kuching Wetland NP

6,610 ha


10th October 2002


Batang Ai NP

24,040 ha

Sri Aman

11 th May 1989


Maludam NP

43,147 ha

Sri Aman

31 st  May 2000


Similajau NP
Similajau 1st Extension

Similajau National Park (Ext II)

7,064 ha
1,932 ha
13,124 ha


20 th April 1978
2 nd June 2000
9th June 2011


Bukit Tiban NP

8,000 ha


31 st  May  2000


Gunong Mulu NP
Gunong Mulu NP (Ext. I)
Gunong Mulu NP (Ext. II)

52,865 ha
4,555 ha
28,251 ha


3rd October 1974
15th December 2011
20th January 2011


Niah NP

3,138 ha


2 nd January 1975


Lambir Hills NP

6,949 ha


26th June 1975


Loagan Bunut NP

10,736 ha


29 th August 1991


Usun Apau NP



29th September 2005


Gunung Buda NP
Gunung Buda NP (Ext. I)

6,235 ha
5,072 ha

Limbang, Miri

18th January 2001
9th June 2011


Pulong Tau NP
Pulong Tau NP (Ext. I)


Limbang, Miri

24th March 2005
23rd May 2013


Rajang Mangrove NP

9,373 ha


3 rd August  2000


Santubong National Park

1,410 ha


28th February 2007


Bungo Range Nature Reserve

8,096 ha


26th February 2009


Sedilu National Park

6,311 ha

Samarahan, Kuching

1st December 2010


Ulu Sebuyau National Park

18,287 ha

Sri Aman, Kuching

25th March 2010


Sampadi National Park

1,240 ha

Lundu, Kuching

15th December 2011


Pelagus National Park

2,041 ha

Kapit, Sibu

26th February 2009


Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park

186,930 ha


28th February 2007


Limbang Mangroves National Park

4,360 ha


25th July 2013


Sungai Meluang National Park

2,770 ha


15th August 2013


Bruit National Park
Bruit National Park (Ext 1)

1,804 ha
8,071 ha


24th October 2013
9th January 2014


Dered Krian National Park

1,339 ha


3rd October 2013


Gunung Lesong National Park

595 ha

Sri Aman

9th January 2014



Source : Sarawak Forestry Corporation (www.sarawakforestry.com)


Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu National Park or Taman Negara Kinabalu in Malay, established as one of
the first national parks of Malaysia in 1964, is Malaysia's first World Heritage
Site designated by UNESCO in December 2000 for its "outstanding universal values"
and the role as one of the most important biological sites in the world.
Located within the district of Ranau, on the west coast of Sabah. It covers an
area of 754 square kilometers surrounding Mount Kinabalu, which at 4,095.2 metres.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park was gazetted in 1974. It is located in Gaya Bay,
3km offshore from Kota Kinabalu, in Sabah. It is named after the first Prime
Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman. It comprises 50 square kilometers of
which two-thirds are sea, and the rest are coral reefs and five islands. The
5 islands : Pulau Gaya (‘big’), Pulau Manukan (‘fish’), Pulau  Mamutik
(‘for shell collection’), Pulau Sapi (the sound of a mowing buffalo),
and Pulau Sulug (commemorating the ancestry of the Sulu peoples of Sabah).

Pulau Tiga Park

Pulau Tiga National Park was gazetted in 1978, although the area has been under
protection as a forest reserve since 1933. It is located north of Kuala Penyu,
opposite the largely swampy Klias Peninsula, in Sabah. It covers 158 square
kilometres of mostly ocean, containing three small islands - Pulau Tiga, Pulau
Kalampunian Besar and Pulau Kalampunian Damit (snake island). The Park has
particularly interesting flora and fauna and a rich marine life, with good
diving and snorkelling over the reefs.

Crocker Range Park

Crocker Range Park is located in the west coast of Sabah, run along northeast-
southwest axis. The park was established in 1984, although the area had previously
been under protection as a forest reserve. The boundaries of the park have been
surveyed, but no facilities exist at present for visitors.
The park covers 1,399 km², making it the largest park in Sabah. The park consists of
both hill and montane forest, with many species of flora and fauna endemic to Borneo.
It is an important water catchment area with the headwater of five major rivers in the
west coast of the state. The park contains at least five species of primates, such as
the orang-utan, gibbons and the furry tarsier with its enormous round eyes, and
extremely sociable long-tailed macaques.

Turtle Island Park

Turtle Islands National Park (Taman Negara Pulau Penyu) is located 40 kilometers north
of Sandakan in Sabah. The Park covers an area of 17.4 km² which includes 3 islands -
Selingaan, Bakkungan Kechil and Gulisaan (often spelt with -an instead of the
traditional -aan), and the surrounding coral reefs and ocean. The Park is famous for its
Green turtles and Hawksbill turtles which lay their eggs on the beaches of the islands
throughout the year.
In 1972, Selingan, Bakkungan Kechil and Gulisan were designated as a Game and Bird
Sanctuary. In 1977, this status was upgraded to that of a Marine Park. Sea Turtles
are not the only attraction of the islands. The clear turquoise coloured sea and
coral reefs are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Tawau Hills Park

Tawau Hills National Park, also Tawau Hills Park, was established in 1979, primarily
as a protection for the water catchment area of Tawau town, in Sabah. It is located
24 kilometers NW  of Tawau, and comprises 279.72 km² of lowland dipterocarp rainforest,
surrounded by oil palm, rubber and cocoa plantations. The park offers picnic areas,
camping sites, and chalets. The Park contains rugged volcanic landscapes including
a hot spring and spectacular waterfalls. The highest point in the park is Gunung Magdalena
(1310 m), follow by Gunung Lucia (1201 m) and Bombalai Hill (530 m) is a major landmark.

Tun Sakaran Marine Park

Tun Sakaran Marine Park, also known as Semporna Islands Park, is a marine park located
off the east coast of the state of Sabah in Malaysia. It takes about 45 minutes by speed
boat from the jetty of Semporna. It consists of the islands of Bodgaya, Boheydulang,
Sebangkat, and Selakan, the sand cays of Maiga, Sibuan, and Mantabuan, and the patch reefs
of Church and Kapikan. In 2004, the park became the seventh gazetted area under Sabah Parks.
The Park is the largest Marine Park and covering 340 sq kilometers of sea and corals reef
and 10 sq kilometers of land. TSMP is one favourite spot for divers and the hills attract
rock climbing activity. The Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) lived a nomad lifestyle on boats adding
to the uniqueness of the Park.

Pulau Sipadan Park

The park was declared a bird sanctuary as early as 1933 and in 2004, Sipadan was gazetted
as marine park. The island is about 45 minutes from Semporna town by speedboat in calm
seas. It is Malaysia’s only oceanic island, rising 600 metres (2,000 ft) from the seabed
and formed by living corals growing on top of a volcanic cone.
Sipadan has been rated by many dive journals as one of the top dive destinations in the
world. More than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified
in this ecosystem. Above water, the island is a covered in lush jungle and home to tropical
birds such as kingfishers, sea-eagles, sunbirds, starlings and wood pigeons. There are
also fruit bats and monitor lizards and at nightfall a turtle may come to lay her eggs on
the beach while coconut crabs scurry into the water at the slightest sound.

For more information, please go to : Sabah Parks (www.sabahparks.org/eng/public/default.asp)


Labuan Marine Park

Labuan Marine Park is located 2 kilometres off the southern part of Labuan Main Island. Beautiful and wild, the park encompasses 10 square kilometres of pristine water and three secluded islets, namely Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Rusukan kecil and Pulau Rusukan Besar. It features long stretches of sandy beaches, reef atoll, jungle tracks and quiet tidal pools. Sea snakes, rare butterflies and a prolific bird life add to its enchantment…Read more


Ulu Temburong National Park


Lying on the Southern part of the Temburong District is the Ulu Temburong National park, the first National Park in Brunei Darussalam. The Park , which has an area of 48,857 hectares, situated within the wider Batu Apoi Forest Reserve, approximately 10 kilometers upstream from the end of the Batang Duri Road. The park has a large area of primary rainforest that covers most of southern Temburong.  The forest in the park holds secrets, many are still undiscovered…. Read more


Name Year Total Area Marine area International status
km² mi²
Betung Kerihun 1995 8,000 3,100 Proposed World Heritage Site
Bukit Baka Bukit Raya 1992 1,811 699
Danau Sentarum 1999 1,320 510 Ramsar site
Gunung Palung 1990 900 350
Kayan Mentarang 1996 13,605 5,252
Kutai 1982 1,986 767
Sabangau 2004 5,687 2,196
Tanjung Puting 1982 4,150 1,370 World Network of Biosphere Reserves

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_parks_of_Indonesia#Kalimantan


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